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G-Tube/Ostomy Wraps

  • Works with all ostomy pouch types and brands
  • Also great for keeping fingers off feeding tubes and buttons!
  • Will a wrap work for me?
  • Provides support for the ostomy bag
  • Secures the bag in a horizontal position
  • Front flap provides security and easy accessibility
  • Made of a supplex blend or cotton/lycra fabric for comfort
  • Ideal for physical activity
  • Custom sizes provide a perfect fit in 11 colors!
  • Each size allows for 2-3 inches of expansion for growth
  • Reduces “rustling” for maximum discretion
  • You will need to take 3 accurate abdomen measurements for the wrap: 3 inches above stoma, at stoma, and 3 inches below stoma.
  • ****Wraps work best for those whose 3 abdomen measurements are within 2 inches of each other.